Die Gesamtpublikation von THE DISSIDENT GODDESSES‘ NETWORK Nach dreijähriger Laufzeit und intensiven Forschungen und Events wie Symposien, Performances, Vorträgen und Workshops kommt das interdisziplinäre Forschungsprojekt The Dissident Goddesses‘ Network zum – vorläufigen – Abschluss. In diesem Band sind Ergebnisse aus wissenschaftlicher, künstlerischer und transdisziplinärer Forschung vereint, die die Vielfalt der gewählten Ansätze und Methode anschaulich…


DIE ERDE LESEN THE DISSIDENT GODDESSES’ PROJECT Die Ausstellung in der Landesgalerie Niederösterreich. Laufzeit der Ausstellung: 12.03.-01.05.2022 Die ökologische Krise fordert uns heraus, uns der Erde zu widmen, sie neu zu lesen, mit neuen Mitteln aufzuzeichnen. Der Prozess einer offenen, interaktiven Interpretation der Erde, des Landes und seiner vielgestaltigen Bewohner steht im Zentrum der Ausstellung.…

Frauenmuseum Bonn: The Elder Poem & The Goddesses Temple

Federica Matta: THE GODDESSES TEMPLE, drawings mounted on card, installation Based on her drawings for the goddess books of THE DISSIDENT GODDESSES’ NETWORK (Verlag für Moderne Kunst Vienna), Federica Matta has developed a fantastical temple of the goddesses including figures, a Neolithic longhouse, animals, ceramics and mythical creatures. The imaginary realm of the goddesses that…

Summary of the project phase I + II

Die Entzündung der Phantasie – Die Erde lesen In the following report you will find an overview of the various public and internal events from the start of the project in 2018 to October 2020, a brief insight into the goddess books and the individual reports on the respective research projects of the participating researchers…


A series of events in the in-situ parliament on the Toter Mann in Alberndorf/ Pulkautal A collateral project of the Vienna Biennale for Change 2021 PLANET LOVE CLIMATE CARE SOIL NOT OIL (Vandana Shiva): A series of talks, workshops and artistic actions on the theme of permaculture and solidarity farming, climate change and water, on…

Learning to speak with Earth

A series of Story-Telling events by and with ZONKEY (Angela Melitopoulos und Kerstin Schroedinger) in the yurt on the Toten Mann in Alberndorf in the Pulkautal. With Omnia Sabry (artist, Kairo), Renate Ganser (herbalist, Wien), Barbara Glowczewski (anthropologist, Paris) The starting point are the musical experiments of the music project ‘Learning to Speak with Earth’…


The CLOSING EXHIBITION planned for 2022 will draw a visual, auditory and synaesthetic cartography of the research results of the Dissident Goddess Network until 2022, which have been developed in various artistic and scientific formats.


in the context of The Dissident’ Goddesses’ Network   Students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Class of Elisabeth von Samsonow Co-curated by Kate Strain Smolka Contemporary Wien This exhibition starts with the simple theory that art specialises in perception. So what form of perception is needed to respond appropriately to the ecological and…

Matri-Linear B

Matri-Linear B is an audiovisual art research project about the forms of expression and functions of the earth’s surface, shown as a video installation within the context of the larger research project Contemporary Prehistories – Dissident Goddesses.


What could be worse than that of being a fallen angel and becoming human? Who would do that? Who would choose to forgo their divinity, a secure place in heaven (never to return) to become a mere being of flesh and blood?

Hadres Retreat

Hadres Retreat May 16–18, 2019 The first retreat in Hadres, Lower Austria, brought together a smaller project group for a concentrated discussion. Controversially discussed topics were the notion of the goddess as a research perspective and the characterizing approach already in the project title. Against the background of the Gaia debate, which has gained an…

The Matrixiale

Starting from the category “the Matrixiale” or “the set of all kinds of mothers”, my research faces the challenge to take a closer look at the phenomenon / signifier goddesses. Under goddesses here the sacred female is understood or a genus determined by the developmental force or creative and creative power, to which the numinous is attributed.

The Goddesses’ Books

The Goddess Books form an important communicative instrument combining the scientific, artistic, and regional dimensions of this project. The small, beautifully designed books support the project in making its results and archeological finds known to a broad public in Lower Austria.

Goddesses in South Asia

The metropolitan hybridization and, presentification of 33 Million gods and goddesses, in South Asia, are stabilized by strict hierarchy—this cathexis by division of labor and status, as it were, are constructed and conciliated in the complex and interpenetrating binary and rivalry of great goddesses and, minor mother deities, while the high pantheon is male focalized.

Interview Series

The interview series, which is part of the project Contemporary Prehistory, is intended to reflect a contemporary view of the lives of women in rural structures as they still largely exist in the Weinviertel.

Prehistory by Feminism

The invention of prehistory is present as a crucial question in contemporary debates and exhibition practices. The Haus der Kulturen Welt in Berlin dedicated a show to A Neolithic Childhood and the Centre Pompidou in Paris displayed the encounter zone between prehistory and art at the beginning of the twentieth century in 2019’s La Préhistoire, un Enigme, asking all the right questions.


This project goes back to the origins of art, of architecture. Fascinating, distant ancestors; the absolute perfection, spatial dimension, everything was already there, they had already achieved and presented everything.