An introduction to the area by the Alberndorf hunters’ association Robert Diem and Karl Koran followed by a collective performance, a land art theater about the relationship between the goddess Holle or Holly and their tree in the country around Hollabrunn with Elisabeth von Samsonow, crew and Dorfmusik Hadres

on7th of August 2021, 10.00 am,

The ecology of the LAND OF THE GODDESSES has been observed by hunters for decades: which animals need which spaces, which do they take and where, what changes in their behaviour, which animals are endangered, which are not, which are spreading? Which animals are returning after many years of absolute disappearance, such as the hoopoe, and why? The day starts with an introduction to the hunting grounds, the hunters report on the fauna and flora of the area, on current challenges, conflicts, on their changing role and what the future holds.

After this there will be a collective performance, land art theatre about the relationship between the goddess Holle or Holly and her tree in the land around Hollabrunn. The stage is the LAND OF THE GODDESSES. This is where the play takes place. A kind of processional theatre runs through the land. The performance is about the inversion of the relationship between the plant and the planter: can the plant be the teacher? What would it teach? What does the plant tell you when you ask and question it? How do you talk with the trees? In what form of speech do they express themselves? What is special about ‘Holunder’, elderberry, for example? Why does it share its name with the goddess?


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