Diagram of matrixial phylogenesis

The goal of this diagram is to provide a diagrammatic illustration of interior relations and their onto-ecological status, in which the interior is to be determined as the environment of relations.

Keywords: ecological relations, interior world, bond system, intranscendence, interior relations, endo-escalation

*The matrixial describes a self-contained and infinite superordinate genus of all possible kinds of mothers (mother-xn ). All kinds of mothers (mother animal; mother plant; mother human, mother cell, mother tongue, etc.) are related and belong to the same stem: all share an inherent creative power. Hence the matrixial describes the univocity of the creative power that is within all individuations. There are however various types of mothers whose distinction lies in the environment-difference into which each is integrated, forms, grows and dies. Variations in different types of mothers are due to environmental influences.

*Ontologically, the mother-X is an interior milieu. Her interior is an environment in which newborns are situated. The inside of the mother-signifier is synonymous with the environmental concept of cybernetics or the ecology of the generative development of each individual organized structure. According to second-order cybernetics, which focuses particularly on the environment and ecology of an organization, the matrixial reverses the position of the environment: the mother is not on the exterior as an environment, but rather creates an interior environment.

*The mother denotes an endo- relationship. The unborn human is inside the mother’s body, the mother’s body is inside the Earth’s body, the Earth’s body is inside the universe’s body, etc. The mother-signifier stands for the internal relationship and interior relations ad infinitum. Endo-relationships form ecological relations because the surrounding and the surrounded comprise a unified bond. The mother Earth as the surrounding of mother person and mother animal describes a relation of the second order, just as the body of the mother person forms a relation of the second order to a mother cell.

*Endo escalation: As a surrounding, the mother-X is no longer the exteriority, but rather interiority is demonstrated, since it is also surrounded by a surrounding of a higher order. In this context, the ecological relation of the matrixial leads to an endo-escalation in that all types of mothers are united by their interiority, and form different dimensions of relations.


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