A series of events by and with ZONKEY (Angela Melitopoulos and Kerstin Schroedinger)
in the yurt on the Toten Mann in Alberndorf in the Pulkautal.

With Omnia Sabry (artist, Kairo), Renate Ganser (herbalist, Wien), Barbara Glowczewski (anthropologist, Paris)

The starting point are the musical experiments of the music project ‘Learning to Speak with Earth’ by the group ZONKEY (Kerstin Schroedinger and Angela Melitopoulos), which began in March 2020.

The events are part of a long-term study on interspecies communication that uses sound and field recordings. Research is carried out with electroacoustic experiments and voices in order to be able to understand the connections with the earth, with its layers, living beings and movements on the surface, as history. The aim is to experience the process of communication and listening as a process of transformation in the narrative.
For each event an expert / storyteller is invited to the narrative space of the yurt, with a focus on storytelling.

with a focus on storytelling. In the vicinity of the yurt, the transmission of the sound field is also relevant, since the sound and listening create the possibility of making connections between human and non-human actors in the environment comprehensible. With narrative chains, connective impulses, with extensive narrative loops, with the handing down of specific knowledge, but also through sound generation, resonance fields, feedback loops and birdsong, we establish communication with the environment on the level of new listening. Depending on the context that the guests bring with them, the yurt can also operate as a room for screenings, as an exhibition space and as a listening room.
4 events will take place between August 23 and September 5, 2021. They are then put online and archived as part of the Zonkey Archive. If possible, musical interventions with ZONKEY take place in all events. The LP “Surfacing Earth” is also presented.

Episode 1: The indigenization of anthropology:conversation with the French anthropologist Barbara Glowczewski about the land struggles of the Aboriginal Australians, their artistic and legal strategies and how their cosmology has changed the scientific subject-object order.

Episode 2: Narration and screening about the audio-visual research Matri Linear B in Lower Austria, Alberndorf, Untermarkersdorf and Hadres and about the research trip to the Northern Territories in Australia by Angela Melitopoulos Vimeolink and project description: https: // vimeo.com/502516362/0cc77ac9c9

Episode 3: “Heretic Gazing” walk through the land at the Toten Mannherb collection and conversation with Renate Ganser, Vienna, about resilient knowledge, about herbs and the self-healing powers of the land.

Episode 4: August 29, 2021: 5 pm: “Phytography or Plants as Screens”conversation with the Egyptian artist Omnia Sabry. Sabry talks about her experimental photography project in which she uses plant leaves and flowers as photographic carriers. Ephemeral, fragile images emerge that re-explore the connection between nature and its representation. A selection of reproductions of the phytographs will be on display in the yurt between the events.