A collateral project of the Vienna Biennale for Change 2021
Climate Care – Planet Love

In the summer, a group of artists and culture workers founded the four-hectare “Land of the Goddesses” in the Pulkau Valley. This is biodiverse land covered with vineyards, forests, overgrown scrubland, wasteland and fallow. The land will be used for THE DISSIDENT GODDESSES’ NETWORK – a research project at the Academy of Fine Arts – as a laboratory for an investigation in the sense of contemporary Eco Art and deep ecology practice.

A Mongolian yurt on a Palaeolithic site near Alberndorf, Lower Austria serves as an in-situ parliament for encounters, projects, storytelling and community teaching. The aim is to facilitate measures against climate change: targeted planting, water detection, improvement of humus. The aim is to increase and densify green matter, while at the same time diversifying the flora as much as possible and creating water areas through the wise use of underground water reserves and gentle (re)cultivation or assistance with wild growth, by the propagation of wild varieties, for example. Consulting partners include farmers, hunters, vine nursery owners, hydrologists, geologists, ecologists, philosophers, sociologists and biologists. These events interlink different plateaus of knowledge: situated knowledge becomes the concept for a node connecting knowledge related to the land through practice and observation with scientific and artistic arguments. To the extent that this interlinking takes place, the land is removed from the grasp of non-localised, centralised, purely market- and capital-oriented ‘objectified’ regulations. The land thus becomes a non-environment; it becomes a psycho-physical partner in a sympoetic matrix – a land of goddesses.

For this reason, the programme of the collateral project in the sense of a multidimensional ecology includes storytelling, art and guest meals as well as humus workshops, water searching and well drilling and lectures by experts.


SOIL AND WATER: The Elder Poem (Performancegroup Hadres), Bernhard Schmid (Schmid vine nursery) and the Hadres water group, Alberndorf hunters’ association Robert Diem and Karl Koran, permaculture farmers Heinrich Ledebur und Franz North Hadres, Roman Wittmann (postmann and geologist), Elisabeth von Samsonow (artist and activist)
Here’s the Program: SOIL AND WATER

LEARNING TO SPEAK WITH EARTH: Renate Ganser (herbalist), Omnia Sabry (artist, Kairo), Barbara Glowczewski (anthropologist, Paris), ZONKEY – Angela Melitopoulos (video artist und activist) und Kerstin Schroedinger (artist)
Here’s the Program: Learning to speak with Earth