At the end of project phase I, the TDGN team are breaking new ground in research and in the presentation and communication of results. The objective of the project is both to realize transformations and stimulations in relation to the remarkable archaeological collection of Venus figures in Lower Austria and to expand the network, further spinning the thread into society, the economy and ecology: to this purpose, the project will now be spatially anchored and tied to one location. Dieser Ort ist dazu da, als trigger point zu wirken, der verschiedene Bereiche miteinander verschränkt: die Forschungsgruppe mit den Gästen und Bewohnern der Region – menschlich und nicht-menschlich – , und alle Akteure wiederum mit den Problemfeldern, die sich in dieser Gegend exemplarisch zeigen. This location is intended to serve as a trigger point that interlinks various different areas: the research group with the guests and inhabitants of the region – both human and non-human – and all of the participants with the problem areas that are typical of this region. On a carefully chosen site, a ‘yurt,’ a large Mongolian tent, will be set up as an ‘in-situ parliament’. This place is not a blank spot: it was once a camp used by mammoth hunters during the Palaeolithic Age. The name of the field (located in Alberndorf in the Pulkautal valley) is the Toter Mann, meaning “dead man”, and is related to this prehistoric settlement or use. During project phase II, the yurt will serve as a venue for events.

The opening of the yurt on 15.8.2020