WATER Well drilling
Talk with Roman Wittmann (Hadres postal worker and geologist), Ruth Le Gear (water expert, artist “celestial waters”, Ireland), Bernhard Schmid (Schmid Vine School, Hadres Water Group)

at 12th of June 2021, 10.00 am

Water plays a key role in all thinking on the theme of climate change. The real retreat of water corresponds to a “water forgetfulness” in cultural and technical history: who still knows where the important springs were, and how they were fed? What do the field names tell us about the topic, and what does the landscape itself reveal, determined and shaped as it is by soil reclamation, drainage and straightening? Water’s multidimensional quality as a bearer of life and memory is the focus; the drilling of the well on the Toter Mann is the experiment of a true encounter, an epiphany.


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