Ida-Marie Corell – Goddess in Practice
Ritual Sound Lecture Performance


30th of April, about 8PM – 1st of May about 5AM / From Twilight to Twilight.

The Dissident Goddesses´ Network would like to invite you to another “Goddess in Practice Ritual Performance” by Ida-Marie Corell (IM©).

IM©´s performance series tries to capture the re-emerging feminine or fe.male (as united Yin+Yang) energy in its diverse, ancient and new, as well as visible and invisible forms through a marriage of sound and voice with the 5 Elements. After water, air, wood and earth, IM©´s next performance will feature the cleaning force of fire in combination with the calming and uniting vibration of sound.

Make yourself comfortable, light up a fire (if you can) and tune into IM©´s non-linear performance. The performance will be live-streamed on our website.

Ida-Marie Corell´s performative research project “Goddess in Practice” explores a contemporary return or re-emerging of primordial feminine or fe.male energy. This project invites to revisit the conceptual cycle of known archetypes and prevalent positions surrounding gender issues in current cultures. Through a future-oriented perspective, this project aims to create an artistic framework of knowledge in order to connect the possible and the impossible, the ordinary and the unusual, the visible and the invisible, the feminine and the masculine through new ways of thinking in an anti-, multi- and interdisciplinary way.