Interview Series

with Women from the Weinviertel

Romana Karla Schuler

The interview series, which is part of the project Contemporary Prehistory, is intended to reflect a contemporary view of the lives of women in rural structures as they still largely exist in the Weinviertel. In one-on-one interviews, women are invited to converse about their living situations, ideas, and goals. After consulting with the interviewees, it will also be possible to record the interviews on video or audio.

The goal is to draw a current demographic picture of women’s life in the Weinviertel. The selection criteria, as envisaged in the project description, provide the interviewed women should live and work as close to the sites of prehistoric goddesses as possible. The interviewees should be of all ages and work predominantly in the agricultural field. An additional cross-section might be possible if several generations of women within a family were interviewed about their social conditions and roles.

The results are collected in summation in four small booklets. Final analyses of the interviews might be rendered in the form of a bigger book or film as well as “material” for artistic performances realized in the framework of this project.

Moreover, the entire interview series will prove a useful collection of data for art/science/general knowledge.


Project materials Rath-Schneider Elisabeth Himmelbauer und Sandra Hochmayer