The Goddesses‘ Books

The Goddess Books form an important communicative instrument combining the scientific, artistic, and regional dimensions of this project. The small, beautifully designed books support the project in making its results and archeological finds known to a broad public in Lower Austria.

Goddesses in South Asia

The metropolitan hybridization and, presentification of 33 Million gods and goddesses, in South Asia, are stabilized by strict hierarchy—this cathexis by division of labor and status, as it were, are constructed and conciliated in the complex and interpenetrating binary and rivalry of great goddesses and, minor mother deities, while the high pantheon is male focalized.

Interview Series

The interview series, which is part of the project Contemporary Prehistory, is intended to reflect a contemporary view of the lives of women in rural structures as they still largely exist in the Weinviertel.

Prehistory by Feminism

The invention of prehistory is present as a crucial question in contemporary debates and exhibition practices. The Haus der Kulturen Welt in Berlin dedicated a show to A Neolithic Childhood and the Centre Pompidou in Paris displayed the encounter zone between prehistory and art at the beginning of the twentieth century in 2019’s La Préhistoire, un Enigme, asking all the right questions.