Performance research project GODDESS IN PRACTICE by Ida-Marie Corell

it shows
a possible contemporary return?
an advent
an emergence of an original feminine and masculine energy? to question the conceptual cycle of well-known archetypes
in an artistic knowledge framework
a presentiment
of a future-oriented, sustainable perspective?
the possible and impossible
the ordinary and the unusual
the visible and invisible
the feminine and masculine
intelligent machine
of divine nature?
in the living principle of Goddess in Practice
a secret ?

that lies between us?
in the generosity of this sensation
in the genderless hovering of acceptance
but at a distance
between generations
in the age of information
in the technical reproducibility
something is lost in the immeasurability
of loneliness
it is not lost
it remains in space, in the cycle of eternity deep in the darkness of the earth’s *herstory* the dress is hiding
a feminine, masculine original innocence
but you can’t dig for it
you can’t find it on the outside
you can’t hold it
or destroy it
in the face of nothing
it lives infinitely
you can only find it deep within oneself …

Goddess in Practice
this is the essence
of my presence
of my original innocence in this moment of now this now

which connects us, defines us, creates us, divides us, exiles us, unites us, guides us and brings us together
a shelter, a shelter it should be
a shelter made out of the unseen security, inclusivity, purity, fertility, maturity, physical philosophy, intuitive archeology

a shelter underneath the skin
the skin which connects us, defines us, creates us, divides us, exiles us, unites us, guides us and brings us together

it appears
as the Goddess in Practice
in her modesty
free from vanity
and power
perfect and flawed
in her strength
to accept things how they are
and to communicate this in her generosity in her singing of
she collects
collects the individual shards
and now puts them back together
she nurtures this broken culture
hoping that not only she
can recognize the quality
hoping that the rest of her principle
soon sees total innocent freedom again!


Project materials

1/goddess in practice: the person behind

Deinstalling Simply Earth by Ida-Marie Corell

plastic and water concerto for piano and voice by Ida-Marie Corell