Fluid concept in progress (changes reserved)

Ida-Marie Corell

GODDESS IN PRACTICE explores a possible contemporary return, rising and/or emerging of a primordial feminine energy. This exhibition invites to open the conceptual cycle of known archetypes and prevalent positions of questions surrounding gender issues in coeval cultures. Through a future- oriented perspective the exhibition aims to create an artistic framework of knowledge in order to connect the possible and the impossible, the ordinary and the unusual, the visible and the invisible, the feminine and the masculine through new ways of thinking in an anti-, multi- and interdisciplinary way. The art space becomes a dream-like space filled with earth and plastic foil, a performative installation that also serves as an exhibition space.

With works by:
Helene Baur, Joachim Baur, Ursula Beiler, Judy Chicago, Brigitte Corell, Ida-Marie Corell, Beatrice Dreux , Sarah Enright, Peter Hauenschild, Luka Keating, Federica Matta, Katherina Olschbaur, Frenzi Rigling, Constance Tippett, JoAnna Pollonai, Maximilian Pramatarov, Corinne L. Rusch, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Susanne Wenger

Documentation (PDF, 5MB)

Booklet (PDF, 700KB)

Goddess in Practice, 2019