Talk with Johannes Autrieth (organic viticulture and organic humus management Hadres), Heinrich Ledebur (permaculture farmer, Pulkau, Franz North (Edenhof Hadres) and Ines Fritz (professor at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, former rector), Students of University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences.

on 10th of July 2021, 10.00 am

Johannes Autrieth has been cultivating his soils organically for twenty years, with bacterial cultures, mulch and reduced tillage, and the results prove that he is right! His soils were the winners in an experiment carried out to test water retention capacity. Heinrich Ledebur’s many years of experience make him the perfect person to introduce people to the knowledge and practice of permaculture, formation of humus and the interaction of living organisms in a diverse habitat. To do this he uses the yurt’s immediate surroundings, which he analyses expertly. His insights are anchored in practical work. Franz North (Edenhof Hadres): THE GIFT OF SOIL Since 2015, Franz North has been working on humus improvement through Terra Preta, which he produces himself in a complex process. His experience and results are impressive. In 2020 he founded Garten Eden in Hadres, which is a production and training facility dedicated to producing the finest vegetables on Terra Preta.


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