Die Entzündung der Phantasie – Die Erde lesen

In the following report you will find an overview of the various public and internal events from the start of the project in 2018 to October 2020, a brief insight into the goddess books and the individual reports on the respective research projects of the participating researchers and artists that were carried out in the framework of conducted by The Dissident Goddesses’ Network.

Angela Melitopoulos: Matri Linear B

Arantzazu Saratxaga Arregi: Contemporary Prehistories. Dissident Goddesses’ Network

Romana Schuler: Endbericht zu den Interviews mit Frauen im Weinviertel.

Ute Burkhardt-Bodenwinkler: Plug-In Tempel. Die mehr oder weniger diskreten Räume der Dissidenten Göttinnen.

Ida-Marie Corell: God.dess in Practice (GiP)


To the PDF-Online-Report. Only available in German.