The twins Viktoria and Sandra Hochmayer, students, Hadres


Viktoria Hochmayer, student on the wine economics FH degree course

How do you think the role of women has changed in the last 100 years? What are your ideas about the current role model of women?

Well, it has never happened to me personally that I felt restricted as a woman, on the contrary, I feel that I have more advantages as a woman. I really cannot say that I have been disadvantaged. So I don’t need to change as a woman.

At my grandparents in Hadres, it was definitely my grandfather who was in charge. Grandma did everything she could to make him happy. Grandpa was simply the dominant partner and was in command of all areas of the relationship. I do believe that in earlier generations, the man essentially had the determining role. With my maternal grandparents in Laa an der Thaya, it was quite balanced. There was much more harmony. They had better interaction. So it was not one-sided, but everyone was seen and respected as equal within their partnership. Everything was discussed and decided together. There, the opinion of the woman was equal to that of her husband.

(August 2019)



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